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Allied’s New Products, Technology and USA Manufacturing Offer Timely, Cost-Saving Solutions For Today’s Uncompromising Chefs and Buyers.

Dear Valued and Prospective Customers,

Welcome to the all-new, easy-order 2011-12 Allied Metal Spinning USA Catalog.  It’s already #1 on the best-seller lists of pizza makers, pastry chefs and restaurant chain procurement teams coast-to-coast!

It’s the first of many new, best-in-class products and competitive business developments on our menu . . . and we’re thrilled to share the news and savings with you.
More than ever, it literally pays to take a closer look at our new catalog – and at Allied – as your go-to, customized, made-in-the-USA cookware and bakeware provider.

So curl up in your office chair with this bad boy, and compare notes as Allied’s customized product lineup, value pricing and lightning-fast domestic delivery beat the daylights out of competitors – – line-item by line-item.

To whet your appetite for buying Allied, here’s a sample of our new product innovations:

Allied’s new BurgunDe-LiteSM Gluten-Free Cookware line, designed to FDA specifications. Allied researches and works closely with certified nutrition experts and food industry consultants to identify emerging trends in healthy lifestyle cooking and ethnic cuisines. This process allows us to custom-design, source materials and manufacture cookware that meets or exceeds federal agency and client specifications.

For example, national restaurant chains and QSR’s are rapidly developing new, gluten-free entrees to meet the increased demand of today’s consumer – and they’re turning to Allied to provide innovative cookware solutions that address the challenges unique to gluten-free cooking.  Thus was born Allied’s game-changing BurgunDe-LiteSM line, featuring:

  • Distinctive burgundy color that differentiates pans to be used for gluten-free cooking, and ensures no cross-contamination occurs in the preparation of your customers’ gluten-free foods.
  • Easy-Release Coating = Healthier Cooking:  Allows for reduced fat and healthier cooking, as the non-stick coating provides the food release vs. reliance on oil, greases or fats for release from the pan.
  • Easier, More Complete Cleaning:  Allied’s non-stick coating facilitates easier, more complete cleaning vs. uncoated pans.

New Hispanic and Asian distinctive lines of cookware and bakeware.   Allied receives direct input from renowned Hispanic and Asian chefs and company procurement managers on the design of its specialty cookware, and our products are manufactured by an experienced workforce, right here on American soil.   Allied combines superior product quality, Hispanic and Asian ingenuity of design and “tough as the New York Bronx borough craftsmanship,” where we forge, customize, finish and ship directly to you quicker and less expensively than foreign made/sourced competitors.

New Pizza & Bakery products

Beyond launching these and other exciting new products, Allied has added new professional staff and marketing/PR agency support to take our customer service, product manufacturing and marketing efforts to a whole new level.  And coming July 2011, you’ll be better-connected with us via our redesigned, Facebook and other social networking platforms that will improve your customer experience and Allied’s value proposition as we compete more aggressively for your business.

Come share your cookware needs and dreams with us today, and get cookin’ with Allied.  And have a happier, healthier and ever more prosperous year.

Arlene Saunders, CEO

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