Standard Traditional Wide Rim Style – Hard Coat Anodized – Hard Coat Anodized

Use of Perforated Style Pizza Trays results in a more evenly baked crust, as they enable air to circulate between the product being baked and the underlying oven. Ideal for baking or reheating pizza.

Model # Dimensions Weight(WGT/DZ)
TA10 10”OD (25.4cm) 5.000
TA11 11’OD (27.9cm) 6.000
TA12 12”OD (30.5cm) 7.000
TA13 13”OD(33.Ocm) 8.000
TA14 14”OD(35.5cm) 10.000
TA15 15”OD(38.lcm) 11.000
TA16 16”OD(40.6cm) 12.000
TA17 17”OD(43.2cm) 13.000
TA18 18″OD (45.7cm) 15.000
TA19 19”OD (48.2cm) 17.000
TA20 20”OD (50.8cm) 38.000
TA21 21”OD (53.3cm) 42.000
TA7 7″OD (17.8cm) 2.500
TA8 8”OD (20.3cm) 3.000
TA9 9”OD (22.9cm) 4.000
TA22 22”OD (55.9cm)

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