Classic Design Decorative Trays – Floral Design Wide Rim Tray

Trays at affordable pricing. Trays with a touch of elegance manufactured by Allied. Ideal for pizza, catering and bakery. Also for the upscale pizzeria, serving pizza from the oven to the table. A sophisticated and yet an inexpensive tray for serving hors d’oeuvres, cakes, pastries and pizza.

Model # Dimensions Weight(WGT/25)
FLT10 10″ OD (24.4cm) 10.000
FLT11 11″ OD (27.9cm) 12.000
FLT12 12″ OD (30.5cm) 14.000
FLT13 13″ OD (33.0cm) 17.000
FLT14 14″ OD (35.5cm) 20.000
FLT15 15″ OD (38.1cm) 22.000
FLT16 16″ OD (40.6cm) 24.000
FLT17 17″ OD (43.2cm)
FLT18 18″ OD (45.7cm)
FLT7 7″ OD (17.8cm) 6.000
FLT8 8″ OD (20.3cm) 8.000
FLT9 9″ OD (22.9cm) 9.000

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